Its A Rocker’s MockArenDum!

In the spirit of helping all understand that the majority have no clue, none whatsoever about most things that guide their cries from death to birth (Ok! . . Or vice versa!)

I, (The 'Good Guy!')

hereby offer as the Oak, Spindle and / or Toothpick that might trace, turn or thump the majority into agreeing to see it "Their Way" (As in: The Blokes who have the majority baffled with heaps of bull and balderdash!)  . . or not . . . due to whatever reasons might develop . . .

after we come up with a fantabulous plan

to permit ALL to have their way . . forever!

Now ALL must (should?) admit that there is no better or more solid or truly splendid plan to be had anywhere!  

(Okay! Let's not mention the superlative plan that the odd American twit / twat / whatever . . . known as "The Fat Trumpets  . . player  . . or other . . has by which he gets to screw EVERYONE  and steal the stuffing out of America's taxpayers with his "Cake for everybody!" promise!

Baked by his own 'tax paid' staff to boot!

So lets hear it loud!  Scream it NOW! 

Its Mockarendum



Its Mockarendum


We'll do it

as many times

as necessary!

In order, of course, that


has a final say on what will apply to all!

In order to keep the battle lines straight: 

The sale of 

will have to wait!

Its more important,

much, much


that America’s and Britain’s

Bored & BreXed

be permitted to have as many wacks

as needed

to fix a problem that was designed

to keep your minds untroubled

and too busy

to think about the now 26+ 


The now 30+ months

of a Non-Stop Global Heatrise!

Isn't that great? All of your problems solved by relying on a bit of effort provided for free for jolly old England and distant cousins across the sea . . just for thee!

Its Mockarendum


Its Mockarendum


well have 

a great ole time


Its Mockarendum



Just a moment!

Someone just mentioned: 

What about the Children?

Do we tell them the planet is screwed

and there is no need for

new clothes, good food,

fast cars and all that?

Golly! Just when we were getting it all together?

Mother Nature!  

Of all inventions!

Comes along to spoil our fun!

That just won't do! 

Let's have another


And set her in her proper place!

We own this planet!

And we have an uno (I can't spell that danged word!) . . . we have an inaliena . .  we have a RIGHT! I know it!

And so do you! 

We can do as we darn well please!

And never have to pay the Piper!

So get stuffed Mama!

We're turning up the heat!

Some for our bonfires!

And some for the street! 

To barbecue some neighbors.

We just don't ‘git.

But we're told they were vegans

and they should fit . . . quite nicely

in our cooking pits.

Now . . for an update on the Global Heating Horizon . . . the temperatures, worldwide, continue to rise. And, while we have to put up with that silly screaming from our spits (Harry! Bang him again! Harder!) Okay . . where was I . . .

The HEAT from that Global warming will help melt the icebergs that prevent us from using our trillion ton tankers from delivering more coal to Newcastle. Lo-Cost Gold! 

For our friends, our Bankers and masters that is

. . who promise we shall be able to keep the air-conditioning on even if its 105+ Celsius outside . . . regardless the costs as they shall help us defray a small percentage . . but not too much

as the sanctity of


must be maintained!


Seriously . . . as one who has spent a few moments studying the threat posed to Humanity's near term survival due the arrival of that feared "Tipping Point”: 

I urge all to actually start


Thank you.

To a safer, saner and more caring world!

To Duty!

Dare you act on yours

and provide a copy

of the above

to all children

in your neighbourhood? 

Go ahead! Do it as

"A Fun Thing!"

Daniel J. Lavigne


“The Tax Refusal"


Now - The 37% screwing

of Europe’s hopes!

How could this happen?

Why . . weren’t you aware

That after the screwing

Europe wouldn’t be there!



“POMPOUS PLOPS” to your right >

Fred! Your other right!)

and now  . . we continue . .

Not for our children

Though t’is true

They did have but few hopes

After the bout ‘bout our greed

And our tossing the rope . .

About their future

Amid the heat and all that

But we endured more

We did! T’is true!

And dined on old cats

And rusted tin brew . .

So the toss has a cost

But we’ll probably survive

When greed has its way

And the hordes all arrive

As millions flee madness

In lands lost to greed

And old mens religions

Built round useless screeds

Our shores well protected

We’ve the means you must know

To murder all others

If . . . that’s how it goes.

So frig all requests

For reviews of the past

We did our thinking

And on our own at last!

To lads and young ladies

In schools everywhere

If you have the gift . . .

Mockarendum’s for sale 

To help you screw the 63%

With a ‘SuperOrganism’ rush . .

As many times as you wish . . .

Have fun!

Now . . . back ‘To Duty!’



Now . . . with respect to the following as

Posted to “The Guardian” on October 17, 2016

(With corrections and a few ‘add-ons' etc.)

I ask that all remember what was first stated at . . . on September 12, 2016:

"We have, at most, 20 months to STORE all personal vehicles and plan the use of all engines used to produce and deliver our food."

Now, another related prediction: 

If, by July 1st., 2018 we have failed to do so:

Do whatever you wish, whenever you wish. To whomever you wish. And do so with absolute disregard for all and any laws. Or concepts such as "Civilized Behaviour".

Do so as all shall then know that we were never half as intelligent as we thought ourselves to be. 

Nor "caring" and all of those other "socially necessary deceptions and descriptions”.

And do remember

to tell the children "why”,

prior to the sudden worldwide

onrush of knowledge

that will inform all

that we have lost our planet

'why' you believed that

"Our Prized Mobility

was so much more important

than their atmosphere

pending their immolation

in the "Runaway Venus Scenario

that shall "then", most likely be recognised as

"Here" and "Non-Reversible,

regardless of any efforts


to do what we MUST do NOW,

IF we actually care

about our children and their future.

Is the above

too difficult

to understand? 

Try to think of how you will justify your inaction, 'then', to children who may well decide to seek a vicious and immediate justice against every politician and the fools who urged them to pay no heed.

In order that everyone fully understand the reality of the situation:

NO ONE in public life DARES

to address the subject matter.

Its that serious!

They dare not!

Go Ahead!

Ask Them!

They dare not as they fear the fall-out

of having to actually confront

our continuing contribution

to the near future hell

that we're loading

upon our children

every day with

our non-stop



How many millions of tons of crap are we putting into our sole and solitary atmosphere? Each and every day? Go ahead! How much?

Go ahead!

Build some bone! Develop some integrity!

Inform your children of these concerns!  

. . . Now . . . 





All Parents, worldwide, are on notice that this message imparting the information THEY would not otherwise accept into the pained corners of THEIR minds, now exists on more computers than most can imagine! Parents! Your children are aware, as of the 17th Day Of October 2016 that ALL PARENTS  were made aware of the reality that a possible “Tipping Point” is now threatening an otherwise unbelievable increase in the rate of warming!

And that our sole and not necessary meaningful response (It may already be too late!) MUST be the immediate and absolute rejection of all fossil fuel use. Period! As in Store Your Personal Vehicles! Do It Now! Spread the word! Or start USING your nuclear weapons to so decimate present day humanity as to give a possible chance of meaningful survival to whatever might follow!

Go ahead!

Make your choice!

Its Decision Time!

Give your children the chance you would want to have!

If you knew, with no room for doubt, that concerned and caring parents are disregarding a threat to their children’s very existence:

What would you do about it?

What will you do about it?

What CAN you do about it?!

Go ahead! If you have backbone and a brainy integrity sufficient to ACT on your duty to protect all children! Do so! Now!

With NO Hesitation!

Do it! Now! 

Or feel free to understand

the actions of your friends

who might opt for “An Early Exit.

as described at


We face a situation

wherein we have to choose


- You -


- The Prized Mobility -

that all depend on


To help

guide their choice

about YOUR future:

Get Busy!

To a safer, saner and more caring world!

To Duty!

Daniel J. Lavigne

To All



“Active Realists!"

is for sale



Such aside:

When Do We

Tell The Children?

With respect to purchase

of any of the URL’s in the side pane:

The following procedure is utilized:

Make your offer to <>.

Either it is accepted or a more acceptable price is stated. Upon a decision to purchase, the amount, in US funds, must be deposited into the Bank account number provided within 48 hours; with the transfer then taking place as per usual practice. (The addition of an odd amount of cents to the purchase price helps to immediately identify the source of the money so paid.)

To a safer, saner

and more caring world.

To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

"The Tax Refusal"

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016