America Needs You!

"When in the course of Human Events, it becomes necessary… " Thomas Jefferson


And Welcome to the

Make America Great Again

Trust & Honor Survey!

Absent such a survey, and the guidance thereby provided to the Congress and Senate, America will continue its downward path.

Your children, The world, and America deserve better!

Please, consider your answer, and honor America by living in accordance with the full intent and meaning of your answer.


Should you believe that the question of Trump's fitness no longer matters and are truly concerned that we may have lost the Planet to Abrupt Climate Change: Send your Children to

To Further Participate, in a Fully Public Fashion:

Send your message of support / non-support to:

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Responses shall be posted as indicated at either of: President Must Go

& President Must Stay

This Vote is different! 

If you are an American Patriot, say what’s on your mind! 

Let your fellow Patriots know your viewpoint!

Otherwise, the Madness of the Mob wins the day, America loses, and President Trump doesn’t get a fair chance at confronting a behavior that has the majority concerned their Nation is at RISK!

My views are known to President Trump.

He has earned my animus due his stance on “The Paris Agreement”, which he KNOWS Humanity must IMMEDIATELY adopt and expand, IF we are to leave a worthwhile future for our Children!

That and his non-stop deceit with respect to his now evident support of individuals we would have shot in the Second World War!

President Trump: End this insanity!

Renew and respect America’s previous commitment to attempt to save a meaningful future for our Children!

And apologize to America for whatever cerebral misfunctions may have caused you to so openly support America’s most despised enemies! Do so and retain your hold on the Presidency and bring about that which you otherwise promised!

Other than building a wall on America’s Southern Border!

The world knows you offered such in order to gain support from alt-right bigots, nazis, racists, and similar! 

Stop that nonsense!

To Duty!


Do so and America shall come together and grant you the reprieve you need to continue as “President”. Also, for whatever such is worth within your personal calculus: I shall immediately sign over, to you or your nominee, all of the web-sites you find objectionable as found at

There is no time to waste! The possibly now unavoidable “Gargantuan Release” of Methane from the Arctic shallow basin MUST be confronted! Forget the “advice” from individuals who refuse to let go of their investments in the madness of perpetuating the status quo. Our children can’t afford the needs of greed! Period!

You wish to continue your Presidency. That is totally acceptable!

However, “your” children, America’s Children and the world’s Children have a very short time left if we fail to do our utmost to confront what you well know threatens them.

I call upon you, the world calls upon you, and, indeed, your daughter Ivanka called upon you, to respond as only “you" can with the full authority of your position as President of the world’s Hallmark of Democracy.

With respect and sincerity.

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder, “The Tax Refusal” (Archived)

To a safer, saner and more caring world.

To Duty!

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