The Step

Forewarned is forearmed: Due whatever period of time spent in whatever / whichever "Institutes for the Study of Psychiatric Disturbances", I have NO memory of my life from August 1963 to August 2009. I explain such, as best I may, in my forthcoming book: “Purported Pedophile”.  I have NO memory of having written or otherwise contributed to that which appears below. However, the contents suggest that it is appropo to our times. (In my view.)

umfr...@cc.UManitoba.CA wrote:

> I believe that while nuclear technology is available and is NOT
> obsolete the foolish corrupt power hungry will try to use it. It 
> just happens to be a convenient trump card at this point in time > and in the long run counted in decades or even centuries (as long > as they're effective) SOMEone will use them. No matter what 
> actions individuals take ( such as the worldwide tax refusal) 

> So I come to the conclusion that something must be done to try
> to make nuclear combat OBSOLETE (not obsolete because something 
> more horrendous comes down the pike either). Granted, I don't 
> know any other way of doing that than a STAR WARS type program 
> designed to shoot down ICBM's. 

> Granted, this does not eliminate the threat of bomber and 
> submarine attacks but it is a start and it limits the range of 
> nuclear weapons significantly. 

> There is a problem there too, if it isn't available to everyone 
> at once. Reagan was a hawk and was probably hoping to have a 
> monopoly on anti-ICBM technology as a huge advantage in a nuclear > war. But said technology could stave off doomsday for awhile if 
> everyone could do it(not that every nation can afford it either)

> This is probably a stupid question but with the money saved on
> taxes in your tax refusal could you set up a program that would 
> research this area? Do you have any reasons why it wouldn't work? 

The existence of nuclear technology or any other technology 
can not threaten us unless we, the individuals with capacity 
to reason, look forward and consider the consequences of our actions, decide
to let "the foolish corrupt power hungry" do 
as they will with such technology for their own "advancement" regardless the
cost to all others. 

You state: "Someone will use them. No matter what actions individuals take".
That is probably correct. Absent the will 
of a determined group to do what it perceives it must to wake 
humanity, all nuclear and other weapons of mass murder will 
be used. To expect otherwise, when so many billions have 
invested their tax dollars in full anticipation of such use, 
is futile and dangerous. They will be used; all of them. 

The "We will never use them. - We just 'need them' to protect ourselves
against ourselves." argument fails by its own words. 
The investment will be utilized by some mad "power broker" 
seeking yet more accolades or saturday night whores or 
whatever it is that drives such fools. 

Given time and our propensity to use the most "efficient" 
weapons available, all such weaponry will be used and 
everything that we have ever worked for or hoped to attain 
will have been to no avail. 

Michaelangelo's fine works will lay as dust in the outline 
of churches; nothing will remain of the Mona Lisa's smile; 
our memories of existence as sentients will swirl as dust particles in
radioactive winds raging over leveled cities 
while "survivors", if they can be termed such, will wonder 
at the meaning of squiggles and dots on papers scattered 
around the world. (Words such as pleas to participate in the 
worldwide tax refusal will be mixed with those indecipherable, 
mounds of unused books and other lost knowledge.) 

The nuclear genie gave us a gift of immeasurable potential. 
We would be less than fools to attempt to put the cap back 
on that bottle. Nature gave us the ability to know ourselves,
to understand our capacities for self-deception. It also gave 
us the ability to plan actions that will act against the spark 
of insanity in our species. 

The self-deception that leads us to believe that we are "stuck" 
with nuclear weapons and their "unavoidable" use, is led by an especially
resilient facet of that insanity that will not allow 
the majority to accept the fact of their susceptibility to the disease. Worse,
it denies, with all effort, attempts by those 
not subject to that enervating illness to inform the others 
as to the scope and spread of their illness. 

Unfortunately, in view of the already limited chances 
humanity has to grow out of a club and spears outlook; 
with the insanity comes a special side effect, an 
infection of greed. 

As that greed envelops and compounds the problems related 
to our sorry status quo, an intelligent person is limited to identifying it
for what it truly is; a madness of such 
pervasive tenacity as to offer little hope of recovery. 

Due to that madness and to the degree of its spread worldwide, there can be no
substantial hope that humanity has the immediate capacity and insight as to
its afflictions that may help those still able to notice the illness and
attempt a cure. 

You speak above of a temporary technological solution that 
may allow some of us to survive our attacks on each other.
Alas! Such "solutions" are less than a very young Dutch boy 
tilting at very large windmills. The "solution" lies in the 
center of our souls and that final bit of reason that nature 
built into our reservoir of hope. 

Regardless that many in these newsgroups have abandoned such 
thoughts and wish to be left alone with their deceptions and 
empty pursuit of useless dollars earned by lying to their 
clients; to abandon hope is a greater sin than that which 
drives such fools to participate in plans and preparations 
to mass murder each other by the hundreds of millions. 

Life does not grant all the intellect (or will to use such intellect if they
are granted such) or drive to act on what 
they perceive as "duty". 

Nicola Tesla asked himself "Why?" when he calculated and recalculated the
"Energy in / Power out equations" that 
resulted from his "Ground Return" tests, and viewed a persistent 
but unexpected difference in the sum of such equations. 

The result, the consequences of that question? The development 
of a new insight as to the "Path Of Least Resistance" theory leading to the
Alternating Current concept and generators; some 
of which still function in power stations at Niagara Falls. 

It is my hope that my asking a similar "Why?", when considering 
the sad state of the world in 1978, will also lead to a future 
when others no less or more able than we, ask themselves: "What 
led him to ask 'The Question?' and how did he recognize that it must be
asked?" Here it is: 

“Does my birth as a human being truly condemn
me to paying taxes to or otherwise supporting
a society so cowardly and lost to the madness
of greed as to participate in plans and preparations
to wage nuclear war and risk thereby the murder
of hundreds of millions of defenceless fellow
human beings?” 

Unless each and every adult human being can give their positive 
and unequivocal "NO!" to "The Question" the balance of humanity 
may as well triple the amount of dollars they spend on nuclear 
and other weapons of mass murder. 

To some such a statement will be the acme of insanity and especially so coming
from myself. However, the time for lies 
has past. We know where we are headed with such weaponry and 
we know that such being the case we may as well pay the piper, 
play the tune and leave the planet in a whole lot better shape 
than it will otherwise be if we refuse to acknowledge our 
existence as sentients. 

To wit: Using Tax Savings provided by tax refusal participants would be akin
to standing in line behind the little dutch boy waiting for him to collapse of
sheer exhaustion before sending just one more against those blades. 

The only solution that will prevent us from destroying each other 
and the balance of life on the planet is an acknowledgement by everyone that
they are human, they can think and, yes(!) their momentary step out of the
void has more significance than nature first allowed the majority to

As for myself and all other participants in the worldwide 
tax refusal; don't be too angry with us. After all, truly, 
would you want us adding to your insanity? 

To a safer, saner world. To Duty. Join the tax refusal. Mail 
your statement to your government. 

Daniel J. Lavigne
Founder, Co-ordinator
International Humanity House
The Step 

Planned in a distant world, 
In the light of some bright star
It grew as time spread its fiery gas, 
To the birth of new life afar. 

Cells within cells within beings? 
Did from such our fire seek birth? 
From which such plane did we launch, 
Our transmigration to earth? 

If not that, then, from what other? 
When from the whole we devised
And abandoned the pulse that grew the dust 
By which our first Adam survived? 

What of the "He" that we bow to? 
Did "He" keep his eye on our birth?
If the answer be no to such questions 
Are we doomed to our dirt? 

There must be more to existence
Than to lie at the shadow of man
There must be more to survival
Than to grab to get what we can. 

If such be the bargain
By which we stepped from the void
I pass on the shake that so sealed it
And declare such “life” null and void. 

For I would step forward and argue
And risk the pale of death’s grey
And review all agreements or bargains
That would limit the “life” of the day. 

Freedom once lived is tragic
If lost and never replaced
By other than lies by the self-despised
When their image in mirrors they face. 

From out of the void we ventured
Taking but a moments rest
To test the strength of our knowledge
And confirm that we truly know best. 

But the "He" that is “We” promised hardship 
On any that dared to regret
Words in the void that they ventured
That on earth they’d “Never Forget!”. 

The Step was planned with forebearance
Our places put down as odd byts.
But should any break the bargain
Such byts would be treated as spit. 

And so with our dirt we now suffer
Removed from our Step to the “way”
Left to ourself with no measure 
Of the gifts that we enjoyed in such days. 

The Step took but a moment 
In a million frames of time
And oddly enough is repeated
With every sip of wine. 

The Step of life is endless 
It repeats with the cough of a kill
Or the tweet of a bird winking at you
>From the edge of a window sill. 

Copyright. January 22, 1998 Daniel J. Lavigne
Daniel J. Lavigne first refused to file tax returns or pay income taxes in
1980. He has never again filed returns or paid income taxes. You may wish to
review "T2020-88 The Speech To The Court". It is available through Deja News -
"Old Data Base". 

His latest book, "The Poet's Soul", is now available 




You haven't dedicated any poems to me lately. I'm feeling left out! 


"'Tis in vain to speak reason where 'twill not be heard"
-Thomas Fuller
"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daniel J. Lavigne 


Craig <> wrote:

> Dan-

> You haven't dedicated any poems to me lately. I'm feeling left out!

> --
> Cheers...Craig 

Alone With One Wing Our Craig Flew! 

Alone with one wing our Craig flew
Gliding as a crowbar to earth
Till he remembered T'is true!
There's always two beers in the berth! 

Snapping the cap from the other
He swallowed quick as a wink
And his trusty craft so bolstered
Recovered its pace in a blink! 

AE's will always tell you
The FAA is bible and verse
But when it comes to disaster
Its best to deal with your thirst! 

To fly with one wing is okay
If firmly on the ground
But on the high and near heaven
Its best to have cold ones along! 

Copyright. January 26, 1998 Daniel J. Lavigne 

Up! Up! And Away! 

How's the TWA 800 debate coming along? 
(Maybe they had beer on board?) 

Daniel :) 

Daniel J. Lavigne first refused to file tax returns or pay income taxes in
1980. He has never again filed returns or paid income taxes. You may wish to
review "T2020-88 The Speech To The Court". It is available through Deja News -
"Old Data Base". 

His latest book, "The Poet's Soul", is now available



Who will dictate your choice . . 

(too old to reply) 

Daniel J. Lavigne 

11 years ago 

The following was first posted by Daniel J. Lavigne
on 2000/02/06 (Re: Prime Minister's Q&A PAGE ):

Asia Svoren, in response to a statement with respect
to the Prime Minister's web-site, wrote:

(Someone wrote:)

The entire site is a joke. It's just a poorly
disguised vehicle for propaganda.
I know this. But at least no one can say I didn't try to get the info.
Actually, the site can be quite useful.

ie. Those who are determined to push sheeple / government
employees to have their governmental masters respond to
various claims / assertions, can now challenge those sheeple
to speak directly to their governmental masters and to openly
demand that their masters act against the will and determined
hopes of those who will always dissent against injustice and
the non-stop spread of societal insanity.

My non-stop challenge to all such sheeple, as the cowards and
fools they choose to be, to ACT on their belief that they are
so worthless that they can not now possess, or have ever so
possessed, a right and duty as stated in the Tax Refusal's

"All have a lawful right and duty to refuse to support or
assist any society participating in plans and preparations
involving the will and capacity to commit mass murder."

can best be met by all such fools and cowards BY BEGGING
OF THE PRIME MINISTER, by leaving a message at his site,

that he use the full force of Canada's courts, laws, judges
(And their armed and uniformed cowards.) to rule that the
Judgment Of Nuremberg can not be used by Canada's citizens
to justify their refusal to support societal insanity AND THAT HE
1999 TO THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA with regard to
the imbroglio that saw Louise Arbour having to terminate her role as
the Chief Prosecutor of the International Court of Justice; and
to DICTATE a *lawful* end the Tax Refusal . . .

Now, I urge those who continue to spit upon the thoughts
of fools and their cowardly shadows, to go to:

( OOPS! Now . . )

. . and then make your decision with regard to participating
in the only viable Tax Refusal now possible in a world that
is so badly divided that active participation in non-stop
plans and preparations that are predicated on a sure and
certain will and capacity to use nuclear and other such
Weapons Of Mass Murder is looked upon as a safe and
utterly benign extension of *political pursuits*.

To Duty. Join the Tax Refusal . .


Sedition is such a lovely word
Making politicians quiver!

Sedition! Anarchy!
Clogging up their livers!

Such lovely words and useful tools
To show them, grasping, greedy fools

That freedom will not shirk
Its duty to expose

The evil that lurks
In power seekers prose

Sedition! Anarchy!
Committing us to sanity!

And lightful thoughts dispelling dark!
Constructive thoughts inducing light!

To humanity's affairs worldwide.
Where then will power's bastards hide?

Sedition! Anarchy!
Committed by necessity!

For a saner world with gentler thoughts
A peaceful world where even sloth

Is acceptable!
Compared to evils wrought

That curse our lives
By profit minded men!

Copyright Daniel J. Lavigne Jan 16/85

While a revolt by taxpayers may be the only positive venue by which
the question of a renewed arms race can be decided in favour of
total dismantling; even then, we face extreme risks.

THE VILE, VIOLENT AND CORRUPTED FEW WHO GUIDE HUMANITY'S AFFAIRS remain adamant that use of such weapons is ethically acceptable.

Two opposing factors, principles versus greed, will guide the
final choice. If your only option is to support, or refuse to
support, such insanity, which will *YOU* choose? Will
you allow anyone to DICTATE YOUR CHOICE?

Daniel J. Lavigne 

11 years ago 

The following was first posted by Daniel J. Lavigne on
1999/12/08 (Re: T2020-88 The Statement Of Claim )

I post it this day in order that such as l'il fraudtoad, l'il paultoad,
super silly l'il stephen-the-political-hypocrite-toad, and similar
toads, wherever they might be found in the dank of their dirt,
might appreciate the fact that my prediction holds true:

The Government Of Canada dare not confront the Tax Refusal.

Alas! The price TAX EXEMPT STATUS card is now $175.00; and
the money so contributed to International Humanity House is used to
help promote the right and duty of all to refuse to pay taxes to, or
otherwise aid, abet or support, any society that participates in
plans and preparations that are predicated on a will and
capacity to commit mass murder. Enjoy!

...Hmmm . . *grossly*??? Do explain . . and see *below* . .

Trying to attract attention?
Nope . . I started the Tax Refusal in 1980.

Enough people know about it now, and the
reality that the Canadian Government DARE
NOT intervene / interfere with your lawful
and unassailable RIGHT and concurrent and
unavoidable DUTY to refuse to support any
society that is so lost to cowardice and the
madness of greed as to participate in plans
and preparations that mock the very meaning
of *Mankind* . . . that I am quite content
to now limit myself to spurring people into
*thinking*; or making fools of themselves.

In view that you have decided to support a
TWIT such as witless wouk, I am left to deal
with the reality that it is time that some
seniors are brought up to speed with respect
to the reality that it was your collective
cowardice when younger (A cowardice that
denied you the spine with which to refuse to
support societal insanity.), that led to your
butchering each other by the millions in two
World Wars and all the other associated and
ongoing atrocities that continue to curse and
afflict a non-thinking *humanity*.

Worse, you butchered each other when ordered to
do so; and did so without ever daring *To Try* to
come up with a solution that could have resolved
the madness of allowing your collective cowardice
to condemn you to murder each other when so
ordered by those who you dared not oppose.

Do have a *think* . . and bask in the reality
that I will now supply you with six months of
various prods that will have you consider the
meaning of that which should have graced your
lives before allowing yourselves to follow the
dictates of those who looked upon you as fearful
sheep who would never dare refuse to do as told . .

Now, ask yourself if you merit a peaceful retirement
wherein you hope that no one, especially such as *I*
will cause you to relive the guilt of the cowardice
that allowed you to ignore your contribution to
humanity's embrace of absolute evil . .

Then, go to:

( OOPS! Now . . )

and learn *why* the Canadian Government DARES NOT confront
my determined attempt to *FORCE* it to deal with the issue
of everyone's right and duty to stop supporting, or paying
taxes to, a society that is actively participating in plans
and preparations that are predicated on a will and
capacity to mass murder millions.

Then, should you wish to know more of the philosophy that
guides a Tax Refusal that is spreading like wildfire, mail
$30.00 to the indicated address for your copy of

*Mankind - Mancruel // A Choice - A Duty* and your

official -TAX EXEMPT STATUS- card.

IT IS BEING USED throughout Canada without challenge by CCRA;
and may be used anywhere in the world to confront the insanity
of humanity's will and capacity to use weapons of mass murder.

Please indicate how your name should appear on the card; if
you decide to develop spine sufficient to join your neighbours
in using such a card in order that, at a minimum, they not have
*too much* of an advantage over you . . . . . .

However, should you object to my non-stop promotion of
the Tax Refusal, and your Federal Government's fearful
reluctance to risk having Federal Court Decision T2020-88
confirmed by the Supreme Court Of Canada as recognizing
your right and duty to act in keeping with
the Tax Refusal's proclamation

"All have a lawful right and duty to refuse to support or
assist any society participating in plans and preparations
involving the will and capacity to commit mass murder.",

get on the phone to your Member Of Parliament and DEMAND
that he / she ACT to have the government use its military
and police might including, but not limited to, its judges,
courts, laws AND juries of its own choosing, to force an end
to the non-stop promotion of the Tax Refusal BEFORE Canada
Post provides you with a notice that the government can no
longer afford to pay your pensions . . .

And now, here is some poetry to help you reconsider
the madness that you dared not face . . . and left
for your children to deal with . . .

"In Muddy Fields Forgotten"

Above Muddy Fields Forgotten, O'er Fools Thrown There Astrew
Raptors Soar So Patiently, For Soldier Meat Anew

Their Caw A Certain Tempo, Eyes Glancing Down The Wait
For Bullets Through Vacant Minds And Carrion For Their Plates.

God! I Pray! Damn Such Fools! Such Brainless, Useless Twits!
Send Them To A Special Hell! Where Together They Can Frit!

About Their Flags And Colours, And Reasons Long Forgot!
And Why They Died So Uselessly, Their Shrouded Faces Frought,

With The Price Of Their Stupidity!
And Their Souls So Cheaply Bought!

Do They Curse Their Ignorance, Of Knowledge Too Late Learned?
And Ache At Our "Remembrance", Of Bravery Never Earned?

Copyright. Remembrance Day, November 11, 1996 Daniel J. Lavigne

As for my cross-posting to can.taxes, misc.taxes
and can.general, that serves a two-fold duty.

ONE, it proves the fact that the government dare
not confront the Tax Refusal. You need but spend
some time reading the various posts to assure
yourself that CCRA (Revenue Canada) has a number
of its spineless twits contributing their garbage
to those groups in hopes of re-directing the attentions
of those who might otherwise take time to consider AND
ACT ON their right and duty as above stated.

TWO, I believe that it drives those fearful / boot-licking
twits to a desperate distraction as they slowly come to
realize that the balance of the groups are now aware
that all of my predictions have come true:

The Canadian Government DARE NOT openly confront a protest
against societal insanity; a protest that leads to *no* money
for your pensions, and denies them the capacity to continue to
condemn Canada, and its citizens, to the guilt that attaches to
their support, through the payment of taxes, of Canada's active
participation in plans and preparations that are predicated on
the will and capacity OF FOOLS to ignore their higher duty to
humanity AND TO PUSH THE BUTTONS that will confirm
the fact that their existence, and *YOURS*, as human beings
who were supposed to be able to reason, if you had but *tried*,
was a totally meaningless waste of time for all of you . . .

To Duty . . . . . . . . . . . *think* . . . . . . .
Added this February 21, 2004:

Tired of supporting societal insanity?

Tired of believing the lies of multiple identity posters who
did their utmost to have all ignore their right and duty to
refuse to support fools? If so . . . .


The Clarity of Knowledge

The following is (was) an offering to users of "USENET" on January 6, 1998 with respect to the lawful right and duty of ALL to refuse to support societies that would be party to mass murder.

The Clarity Of Knowledge I 

If ever I knew what I knew 
Its that we do what we do to be true 
To each other each day at work or at play 
When we know we're alive and so say! 

For many this is troubling 
A shaded spectre within a cloud 
But if you knew that you knew what you knew 
You'd know that its time to get loud! 

For many the thought is amazing 
That they had and could if they would 
But the can't in their rant made their minds a harsh blank 
And the rest of their thoughts are like wood! 

Some say that its genius or other 
And some say its odd to be sure 
But let me explain the map of our brains 
Its the math of our surds that so venture! 

If such be the face of pure knowledge 
The P's and the Q's of the day 
Its probably best that we pass no more tests 
Cause our counters are wonkked and away! 

When gifts come out of a bottle 
Its best that we choose with great care 
For such gifts some opine are somewhat like wine 
And can slick or tangle our hair. 

Copyright January 6, 1998 Daniel J. Lavigne 

Try "The Question": 

“Does my birth as a human being truly condemn 
me to paying taxes to or otherwise supporting 
a society so cowardly and lost to the madness 
of greed as to participate in plans and preparations 
to wage nuclear war and risk thereby the murder 
of hundreds of millions of defenceless fellow 
human beings?” 

And, for your own knowledge of self, answer it from both sides. Maybe then 
some will offer an opinion that can stand and oppose 
the imperative "No!" without a single tremor or doubt. 

To a safer, saner world. To Duty. 

Daniel J. Lavigne 
Founder, Co-ordinator 
International Humanity House 
The Clarity Of Knowledge II 

Torn between needs and idealism 
Wrenched between duty and drive 
When does life heed what its told 
And speak to the one deep inside? 

For long I have laboured as master 
With a mind that stays on the day 
Yet oft I hear in my middle ear 
The child with which I once played 

Gauche be the garment of gratitude 
Bold be the search for all things 
But when you smile from your inner child 
The meaning of life becomes clear. 

Copyright January 6, 1998 Daniel J. Lavigne 
Daniel J. Lavigne first refused to file tax returns or pay income taxes in 
1980. He has never again filed returns or paid income taxes. You may wish to 
review "T2020-88 The Speech To The Court".  

A Wave Goodbye?

To Wave Goodbye? He Pondered “So Long”
To The Battle He Fought With Heart And Soul Song
Weighed And Heavy With A Cheque For His Mouth
He Walked With Death’s Silence, His Curses Unshout.

He Turned And Considered The Stench Of The View
The Smoke And The Smog, The Spit And The Spew
What Would They Learn If He Joined The Fray
Of Drunks On False Power On Yachts On The Bay?

The Promise Though Premised On Long Time To Think
Was Fashioned In The Soul Of His Heart’s Very Ink
What Were The Options, What Were The Risks
That He Could Not Leave The Battle, That The Fight Was His Bliss?

Damned Be Greed’s Cowards For Offering Such Gain
That Never A Word Regardless the Pain
Would He Speak Of The Matter
And The “Right” In His Brain.

Damned Were His Curses! What Do I Do?
Fifty Million Cool Dollars, Unneeded, But True
But What Of The Other? Their Greed And Their Guns
Against The Sunsets and Days With His Sons?

Would He Wave That Goodbye? That Farewell Adieux?
He Came With A Message, Would He Leave With Soul Blue?
Or Tear That Damned Paper And Bare Wide His Chest
With An “Aim Well You Bastards, Those Bits Were Your Cheque!”?

Copyright. January 5, 1998 Daniel J. Lavigne  


The following is from a USENET post dated January 4, 1998:

Hermann Stoehr, lacking the qualitys to become a tax twiddler or some other 
such coward, was hanged by Hitler's twiddlers rather than submit to the inked 
regulations of that bastard's regime! 

His promotion of the duty of German citizens to think about the actions of the 
Nazis and the only possible outcome of such insanity led to a determination by 
many younger Germans to resist the cowards who would have them wage war 
against peaceful neighbors. 

The "White Roses", who looked upon Hermann Stoehr as their hero and guiding 
light, died, for all intents and purposes, when their driving force, a young 
girl, her brother and her young lover were beheaded by bastards too cowardly 
to answer the call to duty and resist the fools that so misled that nation! 

May such as Hermann Stoehr and "The White Roses" always be remembered! 
Walk Proud Hermann 

Walk slowly in that garden Herman 
Your measured steps are known 
You walked with head held high 
Past cowards so forlorn. 

You knew the price of meaning 
And knew that they did not 
Walk proud Hermann, you lit our way 
We share the moment of your drop! 

You lit our way Oh Hermann! 
As we abandoned our parents' greed 
You led our thoughts Oh Hermann! 
Our future will know its seed! 

We shared your apprehensions 
Then felt free to let self go 
As the blade that took our necks 
Failed to make our spirits slow! 

Bled White were the Roses 
As we plied and scrawled our plea 
That good Germans should stand upright 
And hang Hitler from a tree! 

Such did not develop! 
Cowardice reigned profound! 
The love of life was lightly prized 
We were doomed to Hallowed Ground! 

Live high Hermann! You were the soul! 
That Led Us From Parents Meek! 
Smile Long Hermann That We Rose! 
And Held Our Colour As Our Blood Flowed! 

Copyright. January 4, 1998 Daniel J. Lavigne 

- On the occassion of the 100th Anniversary of the birth 
of Hermann Stoehr who sneered at his executioners before being hung at 
Hitler's command, because he refused to surrender to societal insanity. 

His fortitude inspired thousands of young Germans to turn their backs on 
parents who dared to have children while knowing they were cowards who would 
surrender to loud noises! The leaders of “The White Roses” were beheaded near 
the end of the Second World War after being discovered in the process of 
throwing flyers from the spire of a church informing fellow Germans of the 
atrocitys being perpetrated against Jews, Gypsys and countless others in 
nearby concentration camps. 

Hermann Stoehr and "The White Roses" could never share the cowardice and empty 
character of "Tax Twiddlers". They would have have said a loud and declatory 
"No!" to "The Question": 

“Does my birth as a human being truly condemn 
me to paying taxes to or otherwise supporting 
a society so cowardly and lost to the madness 
of greed as to participate in plans and preparations 
to wage nuclear war and risk thereby the murder 
of hundreds of millions of defenceless fellow 
human beings?” 

If any know of a "Tax Twiddler" with spine sufficient to say "NO!" to "The 
Question", please do inform the newsgroups. 

Many have come to believe that "Tax Twiddlers" and their ilk are the cowardly 
spawn of such as those who wielded the rope and used the axes that deprived 
Hermann Stoehr and "The White Roses" of their lives. If such is not true, it 
should be noted. 

To a safer, saner world. To Duty. And courage in the face of adversity! 

Daniel J. Lavigne 
Founder, Co-ordinator 
International Humanity House


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